Barry and Stuart are two Scottish BAFTA nominated magicians and WINNERS of the ITV show "The Next Great Magician."

Their multi award-winning mix of dark humour and subversive, mind-bending magic has been seen on television and on stage around the world

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  • Clever and funny and mesmerizing.

    British Theatre Guide

  • Massively impressive, wickedly entertaining and deliciously devious.

    Time Out

  • Darkly brilliant, Barry and Stuart are pure magic.

    The List

  • This mystical duo is a must-see show.

    Edinburgh Spotlight

  • So engaging and charming that you’re sad to see them leave.

    British Comedy Guide

  • Mystifying tricks… simply breathtaking.

    The Skinny


WINNERS of ITV’s Next Great Magician

  • The Next Great Magician: ITV

The Thistle Whistle Trick

  • BBC magicians: Season two

Suicide in C Sharp

  • Dirty Tricks: Episode One

Déjà Stu

  • the happenings: alien invasion

Barry and Stuart attempt to trick the residents of Stamford, England, into believing they are under an alien observation. To convince the public that extraterrestrials have been watching them for years and are finally ready to make contact, Barry and Stuart go undercover as filmmakers and paranormal researchers. They plan an alien abduction and work to convince residents that the extraterrestrials brainwashed their animals.



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Watch the internet’s favourite Barry and Stuart clip, voted one of the 50 greatest magic tricks of all time, with 10 million hits and counting.

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  • This is magic with a hard edge.

    The Guardian
  • As much sketch comedians as magicians.

    LA Weekly
  • A hugely inventive and ultra-modern take on stage magic.

    The Guardian