The Thistle Whistle Trick

  • BBC magicians: Season two

Demon Possessed Tongue

Déjà Stu

  • the happenings: alien invasion

Barry and Stuart attempt to trick the residents of Stamford, England, into believing they are under an alien observation. To convince the public that extraterrestrials have been watching them for years and are finally ready to make contact, Barry and Stuart go undercover as filmmakers and paranormal researchers. They plan an alien abduction and work to convince residents that the extraterrestrials brainwashed their animals.

Shape Shifter

  • The Happenings: sixth sense

Barry and Stuart devised a cunning plan to make the residents of Athens, Ga., believe their town is the most psychic in America. Upon their arrival, they stage an illusion in which Barry crushes a motorist’s car using just the power of his mind ? and it goes viral on the Web. Next, Barry goes to a comic book store, hoping to convince customers that they have their own, superhero-like psychic powers.



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